Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Goals befor Pesach

My goals for the Fridge and pantry for before Pesach!
Yes I know its weird but I have goals for my inanimate objects! I have made a goal for myself for the fridge to keep it clean and the food fresh. Now, my goal is to of course keep that up but to also not have to keep anything in the fridge for over pesach. Meaning, all contents will be consumed or disposed off! I am tired of carting back and forth in between fridges where there are other non pesachdic items. I'm tired of putting stuff into bags and bringing it to my in-laws for storage and then bringing it back...totally not necessary! So, this year to continue in the spirit of not complicating our lives...we will consume what we have, and either pitch or dedicate one small shelf for non pesachdic items!
The same can be said for the pantry. Of course we don't cart it around to my in laws like we do with perishable items to use their basement fridge. But it takes up way to much space that is needed for Pesach storage! Also, even thought the expiration date isn't for a few years, it does not mean that you have to keep it around that long! So, as of JANUARY 1st we are no longer buying things for the pantry unless they are for immediate use. We will be working on 'clearing' the space the old fashioned way...eating our way through it :-)
Now, I don't want people to get the wrong idea. I am totally for storage and for being prepared and for a pantry it is awesome to have one. However, when things stand around for tooo long, and when things get lost because of an over abundance then there is real issues.
So what I'm telling you all is...


Bottled water

I found this on a fellow bloggers post.

This show and tell picture shows pretty accurately why bottled water is the biggest hoax in America and so many people fall for it.


HAT TIP: serandez

Monday, December 7, 2009


No good deed goes unpunished.

This is ALWAYS true!

Enjoy your day everyone.

People and Hate

There will always be people in this world that do not like you.
There could be many reasons for this dislike, and there could be none at all. You could be friends with everyone you know...and yet there will be people that dislike you. Its just a part of life, you cannot please everyone all the time.

Just saying.