Monday, February 23, 2009

Picking up the tab!

The topic of Octo Mom has been hot on the news, so I thought I'll chime in too.

I'm not sure if I'm upset or just bothered by all of the ridiculous attention that this woman is getting. It seems that America needs and wants something to get mad about. This woman happens to be the one that fits both these bills at the moment.

I suppose she would bother me a lot less if she would just disappear from the spotlight. The problem is that she won't be able to do that for a while. One of the reasons is that she claimed to not want any publicity. She also claimed that she didn't want any help from anyone and she didn't need t.v show's or endorsements and she just did it because she loves children!

Now that we know all of that was a big fat lie...everyone can apologize to me for calling me critical. I said as soon as the news broke that the only way this woman expects to pay her bills is by hoping and praying for a t.v show or some kind of endorsement's like from pampers!

Unfortunately she got something that she didn't bank on...severe backlash from tax payers!
Why was the backlash so severe, well it appears that the average Joe in America is sick and tired of being taken advantage of. It seems that this economy has not only had an impact on jobs and people's stress but also on people's ability to be sympathetic.

Does this effect me somehow? To be completely honest with you, not really. I pay my taxes, I will continue to be a law abiding citizen and pay my taxes. Do I agree with crazy people having children? NO...but is it because I'm a tax payer or is it because I'm concerned for the well being of children in the hands of crazy people? I think its the latter.

So, now that we agree that Octo Mom as she has been nick named by the 'media' is an attention seeking loony lets move on to the rest of the Octo Mom's family, her mother and father. Her father has gone on Operah to plead the case of Octo mom. Even though at the beginning you feel bad for him, he's been put out by his own daughter in the end you get the idea that maybe he's in on it as well. He pleads that the American public not punish the children, and for endorsements to please roll in so that they can help pay the bills.


So, next time someone feels like they need a movie contract they will go and have nine kids and then the American public will feel sorry for them, they will get a movie contract or some kind of a show and all the bills will be paid and the cycle continues!

Then again if you think about makes perfect sense. Since Wall street decided to plunge they got a bail out (or are in the process of getting a bail out), the banking system and countless others get bailed out when they get themselves in trouble. So, why can't this mother of 14.
If you think about this case in terms of government and helping out, it makes complete sense that this crazy person feels that she is entitled to be bailed out by the American public. Heck, everyone else is doing it.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Ignorance of People!

I am so frustrated with inconsiderate ignorant people!

My husband and I went to a great program this past motzei Shabbat. The rabbi was inspiring and right on the money. His wife the rebbetzin was funny, charming and really fun to listen to! If it just wasn't for the BEEP's that can't figure out how to put their phones on silent and or vibrate!

Cell phones have been in wide usage for at leas the last 10 years. By wide usage I mean that I have had a cell phone for at least the last 10 years so have most people in North America. There should be no surprises of how to put your phone from one mode into another.

It does however surprise everyone in the room, even after the announcement of "Please put your phones, pagers, beepers into vibrate or silent mode". Everyone looks around and get's really annoyed and yet...these people just don't get it. Not only did one particular lady didn't get it...she didn't get it twice!

TWICE in one speech that was less than one hour!

Here's a thought: if you are waiting for a phone call, put the phone on vibrate and keep it in your hands and stand by the back door! Don't sit close to the back door but not really and keep the phone in your purse...just so that you have to dig for it while the lecturere pretends to ignore you all the while you cut into their speech for a few seconds...HOW RUDE!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Are you a team player?

Here is the problem ladies and gentlemen...

Why do people ask this question on interviews?
Here is a typical interview conversation:

HR: "Would you characterize yourself as a team player"?
ConcernedJewGirl: "Of course, I love people"
HR: "Really? How so"?
ConcernedJewGirl: "I get along with all sorts of people. I enjoy all sorts of people and usually get along with my co-workers"
HR: "Interesting"

So, here is my question: Do people actually go on interviews and when they are asked if they are team players they say...NO? Is that not like saying: thank you for bringing me out to interview but I don't really want this job!!!

I guess if I were asking questions I wouldn't ask ones where the answers are so predictable. I would ask questions like:
a. If the fire alarm rang, and the fire man came to your floor and said:"we are evacuating other floors first, we will come and get you when we are ready to evacuate your floor...sit tight", what would you do?
b. If you rise in your position and become manager over your previous job, how would you guide the people underneath you to be successful?
c. Do you like working with people who are really quiet and do not share any of their work, thoughts or opinions with you?
d. If you could set up your own laboratory from scratch, who would be the first people you would hire?

Just some thoughts from the unemployment line :-)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I once had a car that could!

I once had a car that would start on demand. The key would go into the ignition a slight turn and BOOM we had a working car.

The last month, not so much.

I went for a walk this afternoon. Of course by the time I left the house it was already windy and the temperature had dropped. Nevertheless my walk proved to be good for coming up with a blog topic :-). One thing that walking provides that driving doesn't is the total view of other cars without your attention wavering. A lot of the cars that I saw were new. Yet, I did see a good amount of cars that looked older than mine. I'm talking about Toyota Corolla's from the mid to late 80's. Same thing with the Honda Civic saw a few of those that were at least from the early 90's. So all of these cars got me thinking...

We currently have no car payments. Our cars are owned outright. We like it like that.

So, do we get a new car? Do we go into having monthly payments? Do we go into "good" debt?
Do we buy a good used car? Do we buy it outright or do we go into a huge interest rate on used cars...something like14%???

This is something that is not exactly news to us. We knew that eventually we would need to replace one...or maybe even both of our cars. I drive a 12 year old car, my husbands car16 years old. Let's just say we knew they wouldn't live for ever.

Then there is always the option of fixing my car...or at least finding out what exactly is wrong with it.

So, do we fix something that's old and is bound to have something else break eventually? Or...any of the other above mentioned options.

Ah...the joys of much time to think of all the good things!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Already Made Kosher Food

*Note, I'm not talking about restaurants*

As most of you know I'm not one for buying already made food. Though from time to time I do enjoy some already made deep fried chicken and fries. Today was one of those days where I felt like after a pretty intense and stressful week I would like to spoil myself, and my husband for bearing with it all. So, off I went to get really not so healthy, but yummy food for shabbat! Now, I know that a lot of people are thinking: "are you kidding me, this is what she calls a treat. Its the most basic food and I wouldn't even call it Shabbat food!"

It is true that this food is not fancy but for people that don't buy already made food often, trust me its a treat!

So, once I purchased the said treat I went around to buy the rest of what we needed for Shabbat. I haven't bought challah in a while, but 6 rolls for $4.39....OUCH, but yet again its been one heck of a week its Friday and I'm writing this post and doing laundry and thinking of how much cleaning I'll need to be in went the challah rolls. At the end of the experience I spent the same amount of money on food for two possibly three days as I usually would for a week and half if I would have made everything myself.

I'm not arguing that from time to time eating out/or already made food that you just have to re-heat is something that is needed, both for emotional reasons of destressing and wanting to enjoy a little piece of going out life. Yet, this in my opinion should be treated like a treat. Unless of course you have the financial means to treat it as part of your daily life, then gasuntaheit!

My point: If I did this every week my food budged would be double and so would both my husband and my weight.

The outing to the Aquarium

I live in a most wonderful city!

If you live in the metropolitan of the city and you have a library card (which is free, of course) you can sign out passes to any museum in and around the city. This pass is also good for the zoo as well!!! By pass I mean that you can go into the museum free of charge. This is an incredible opportunity to do things around the city and not spend a dime on it. I should also mention here that the pass is for the general admittance, anything extra is not covered. Which usually means IMAX movies or something of that nature.

I happen to really love the Aquarium. So last week I went to the library and was lucky enough that the pass (only one pass per library per museum) was still there! Naturally I jumped at the opportunity to see my favorite exhibit, the salt water tanks and of course NEMO and DORY! I know I sound like I'm 3 but its true I really love the salt water life, its just vibrant and full of color!

To my dismay and pure horror there is ongoing construction at the aquarium and as a pure money making tool they took away this exhibit and put it in an area that costs extra to get into.
I know, some people maybe thinking: "common you paid nothing to get it, you can spend a little and see the fish that you like". Although that is partially true and I did think about it, and my husband even approved of the extra $15+tax for both of us to do so, I still felt ripped off!

They have an entire section which cost $7.50 extra with salt water life, but they had a small (Very small a couple tanks really) on the general admittance area where you can feel like you are a part of the salt water life but not needing to pay extra!

I know this is a gripe but I really feel if you take an entire section and completely remove it and force people to pay extra to see it its just UN-AMERICAN!!!

Leave NEMO alone!!!