Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The best things about Pesach!

Some of you may be wondering how I really feel about Pesach. After all the hard work and effort of preparing for the holiday there is really no time to enjoy it, and the Matza, well we just won’t go there. The honest truth is I LOVE IT. I love the fact that after A LOT OF HARD WORK and intense preparations I got to have my family together for a long weekend. I got to enjoy every single minute of it! I really enjoy being in Pesach mode. Sure, like everyone else I do not enjoy too much the preparations before hand…but really to me they were well worth it.
Going through all of the preparations of cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning and covering and then cooking I can really understand why people would like to go away for Yom Tov. You go to a hotel, everything is cooked, cleaned and all you have to do is ENJOY! The upside…you do nothing but relax. The downside, when you come home your house is still a wreck because it hasn’t ever gotten a deep scrub like one does for Pesach. Then I wonder does a person really enjoy Pesach when they haven’t put in an ounce of effort into it? DO they really reap the reward? Then I think do I really care? The answer to be completely honest with you is NO. I could care less. I don’t care that someone paid $5000 per person for a Pesach Vacation, I don’t care that they just relaxed without any work at all involved. I just don’t care. However I do want to say that I have had such a positive experience that I cannot wait to make Pesach again and have the entire family together at our house. These are the memories that I like, everyone together, comfortable being able to laugh as loud as we want, or cry with big tears, to sing as loud as possible, or to be supper silent. Not to have to dress before having breakfast with your mom and dad and to stay in PJ’s till the men come home from shul that IS AWESOME. That is why no matter how ‘relaxing’ doing nothing is, I would still choose to stay home with the family and be truly relaxed and at ‘home’ ;-). I love the freedoms that Pesach allows.
On another note, I hated Pesach when I was single. One of the reasons: I didn’t have a kitchen. I was starving that whole week. So, now that the kitchen is mine and I am not starving the whole time I LOVE IT.
Another note, I’ll be baking a lot more next year, LOVE IT!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Pesach Crunch


Just for one second I would like to talk about how much money is being spent for Pesach. Really its not that much more than every week grocery shopping the only problem is you need everything. I don’t buy mayo every week; I’ll buy it once a month. For Pesach I need to buy it fresh and with a special label that says that it is Kosher for Pesach. I don’t buy ketchup every week; I’ll buy it once every 4 months, for Pesach not so. Same goes for a lot of the items that we are forced into buying a new even though usually we do not. It is those items that really add up. I understand others may have complaints with the actual COST of food items for Pesach. I do not. Some things cost a little more, others because I don’t usually buy them I have no idea how much they usually do cost. Yet, staples like chicken and turkey and roast beef and gifiltah fish have been on sale from week to week since before Purim. Sometimes the sale price is so good that I’ve bought even more than what I need for Pesach so that I can use it after. So really the cost of Pesach (at least in a big city, where there are options of where to go to shop) is not the topic, the true topic is the quantity of what it is that we are buying. For holidays people have more company therefore needing to buy more food.
So I have pinned down why our Pesach costs…it's our first Pesach. Last year my expense for things I need for Pesach were $4…we were married for 8 months and I bought a cutting board and a knife, all our meals we had invitations for and during the three days of Halamoid we ate veggies and matza. This year however we are starting from scratch….therefore we have to buy everything some examples; dishes, and serve wear and cutting boards and real knives and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and. Yet, I must admit, I love it. I like preparing I like the idea that my family will be together, and admittedly so I like buying new stuff for the kitchen and new serve wear and trying to find awesome deals for everything. So, after all I’m glad we knew we were going to be doing Pesach at our house and we started shopping for sales way early. I’m glad that we were 75% prepared before Purim and now we are about 95% there…

So I guess it’s not a rant after all, I’m just trying to say to everyone that reads my blog…
Have a Happy Kosher Pesach. Enjoy!!!


American Jews
The problem with Americans is: they think they can relocate to anywhere in the world with no problems. Talking to a few friends and not believing what I was hearing I’ve decided to talk to a few co-workers. My co-workers are not Jewish and for most I am the first Jewish person they have met. Most of my co-workers have 4 year degrees; the others have some education out of high school. Overwhelmingly, most think that there is no big deal to just up and move to Canada, or in fact any other country in the WORLD.
I find this to be absolutely absurd.
Maybe because I grew up in Canada I have an appreciation for what it means to immigrate into another country such as the United States of America, whereas Americans take this as a granted right.
This I find is one of the problems with Aliah advertising. The people for the PR of Aliah need to take a look at this Phenomenon. One reason Americans aren’t interested in making Aliah is because they feel that they have the same rights that they do in America all over the world, so why would Israel be any different? As someone pointed out to me “People don’t realize that Israel will let you in, let you be a citizen with all rights the day that you land. This has been the case for the last 50 some years and people don’t appreciate that”. My response to that is OF COURSE THEY DON’T APPRECIATE IT. How can you APPRECIATE something when you think that you have it all over the world?
Just a thought.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


It is articles like this one that make me want to run and hide in the closet. This post is for everyone out there that believes that all Jewish people are good. This is for everyone that cannot face the truth even though they know better. Read and enjoy!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Deep Thoughts!

It is clear that when someone is un-happy they will do whatever it takes in order to change the situation which is making them un-happy. The problem with that, not everyone knows how to change the situation! A really good example happened at work the other day. One of my co-workers was complaining how unhappy he is at work and how he hates coming in everyday and how much he really wants to find another job. My response was: are you looking for a job or just complaining about this one? He was a little taken aback with my forwardness but still answered: “I am not sure how to look”. I was shocked and surprised. The shock came from the fact that he talked so negatively about his current position, I was sure he had something in the pipeline just incase he would get fired for all of his loud conversation in regards to how much this place is “bad”. The surprise came from the fact that he is somewhat educated and yet has no idea of how to proceed with following through with a job change. Not even necessarily a career change. Just a job change! After reviewing some suggestions that I had for him he seemed pretty satisfied and was really happy for my little intervention.
The above was just one situation with how people are unhappy with something and yet, do not know where to start in order to make a change. Could it be possible there are a lot more unhappy people that need help? There is a saying that says it all: if you teach a man to fish, he will eat forever. If you catch a fish and give it to a man he will always be hungry. Why then do people insist on band aiding problems? Do they not realize this is not ‘helping’ they are actually hurting the person they are allegedly trying to help! For example: A parent yelling at their child that they are misbehaving without offering any suggestions for improvement. How is the child to know what his options are? Maybe the child feels that if he misbehaves he will get his parents attention?
Is it not all part of the learning curve?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pesach Lists

List, what list?

As some of you know we have been remodeling our bathroom for the better half of 3 months now. This situation has not really bothered me, up until this week. This is my power week! I NEED to have 90% of cleaning and organizing done this week so that can flip my kitchen next week! As I am not completely crazy (and the fact that I like to keep everything clean anyways) I am not in full out panic mode…yet. Really though I would love to be able to clean my room, curtains that need washing, floors that are so neglected!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH.
Yesterday I had a moment of weakness. It came at about 11:30pm and after yet another trip to the store equaling $150 on food that I cannot eat today. Honestly, it’s like Pesach is out to ruin any budget that you may have set. Since, this is my first Pesach I’m taking it in stride and trying very hard not to panic. Yet, it still feels like a gigantic money pit which I just have to keep buying for. The truth is it is our first Pesach and a lot of the items we don’t have and we truly do need them in order to make Pesach. Such items are like pots, pans, mixers, dishes, serving dishes, utensils, serving utensils and etc. We started to shop sales months ago and yet I feel like I’m not any closer to having everything that I will need. I do realize that if I were to just go to a store and buy things at regular price that I would be spending 3 maybe even 4 or 5 times as much as I am now shopping for bargains there is just a little piece of me that wants to just go to one stop and get everything done! Then the rational part of me says: “ARE YOU CRAZY!!!” You really want to pay full price when you know you could do a little bit of research and get it so much cheaper??? This is the statement that makes the constant shopping and stores and price checking worth it.
On that note, I have renounced the idea of saving any money on food at this time. This goes against all of my theories and my general principal, but there is truly nothing I can do. I cannot go to a different store and get a better price on Mayo, because there is no better price. There is Mayo for the price that it is set for Pesach or there is no mayo at all. Other than the fruits and vegetables I have let down my money saving guard (on food items).