Thursday, July 31, 2008

Terrorists nothing more, TERRORISTS.

Ah yes, even if it’s good news, its bad news.

It is incredible that arabs can spin a story in their favor:
“He blamed the violence in large part on the split between Gaza and the West Bank and the collapse of the Palestinian unity government.
Palestinian officials told Human Rights Watch that Israel's destruction of security installations, prisons and other criminal justice facilities since the second Intifada began in late 2000 is to blame for the poor state of the Palestinian security and criminal justice systems.
Israel's continuing restrictions on the movement of Palestinian security forces in the West Bank are also a factor, Human Rights Watch said.”

Quoted from:

Even when it is them that is causing the violence, when it is them that is causing the destruction and it is them that is killing…THEIR OWN PEOPLE. Arabs kill their own people, like Stalin with no mercy. It is incredible that the world is only NOW (almost) seeing them for who they are, Terrorists. These terrorists do not want peace; they want total world domination and the destruction of everything and everybody that does not conform to their life style and religion. Now, for all the peace loving (jew hating) hippie Americans this will be really hard to believe and even harder to understand but guess what, they HATE YOU TOO!

9/11 proved that.

Yet, America sleeps.



Now this is a sick and twisted news clip. If you do not have the stomach for really sick things, do not read the article. In short this article points out that a man was murdered on a greyhound bus.

Maybe I’m just extra critical but it seems that there is nothing anybody could have done to stop this from happening. Or is it because people were too busy trying to get the bus to stop and running away from it? Is it the fact that in the North American society people are more worried about their well being then in trying to save a persons life?

I have ridden the greyhound bus often to numerous locations in both the U.S and Canada. My experiences for the most part have been very positive. Except for a few times when I’ve noticed that a lot of crazy people ride the bus, other than that, it’s a pretty good experience.


For all of those idiots in the world that think that Jews would be allowed to live in peace without the country of Israel please go ahead and read this article. I am always baffled by the amount of stupidity, and stupid trust that people have around the world. Can we the Jews not learn from our own history? Is it sacrilegious to realize that the minute we get a little to comfortable somewhere, something is just bound to happen? Well here is a little evidence, but have no fear more proof is coming.

Without Israel, Jews will not exist, even in America where everything ‘seems’ to be just peachy!

Update: July 1:50pm

G-d Bless America the Great!

Ironic that the American Press tries to push all of this news under the rug, and yet worries so much about how JUNIOR SENATOR OBAMA's trip to the middle east is going. Ironic.


I have heard of this practice and a friend of mine is involved with this in Israel. Interesting idea, I’m just wondering if it would truly work long term.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Here is an article that I found interesting. I know of a few people that have made Aliya with no intent of coming back and yet they pay their American taxes. I always thought it was interesting, now I see there is logic to this action.


Here is a bit of good news. For a country the size of Israel to be able to send kids to an international scholastic competition is incredible. For the kids to come back with medals is even more a feat! Not too bad for a little country. A good friend of mine competed in a scholastic competition in high school, international level, he said it was tough and the competition is fierce. So with all that said; isn’t it incredible that these youngsters to such great advantage of not only being outstanding, but for showing the world how outstanding they are!

‘Assaf Mauda, 16, of Pardes Hanna, He intends to study at the Technion after his military service.’

It is Incredible how such a young teenager can be so strong. Such a grown up decision and level headed as well. In today’s society it is refreshing to see children who know who they are, and who they want to be.

Is this realization of one’s self, a product of childrearing or a product of the environment? If the same teenager lived in America, would he have the same views and opinions? Would he be the best he could be, or get up in all of the fan fair that surrounds being a good student, or rather a geek? Would this child have the same love for life, or would he be just another ‘smart’ kid in a entire bunch of smart kids?
Whatever the case…I wish him luck in all of his future endeavors.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


It is most interesting to me that murdering bastards, war starting hypocrites are given a forum to speak. It is not enough that these alleged leaders ruin their countries, oppress their people and out right kill their own people for their own amusement BUT, we as a civilized and democratic people CHOOSE to ‘negotiate’ with them. It is most amusing to me that the American people as a whole are so tolerant and willing to accept out right lies rather than call something what it is. In this case this is a perfect example of a TERRORIST in power that will inevitably star World War III.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Interesting Idea!

Can this be true? Can a family of four really survive on $100 a week?

As this articles goes to prove, a family of four can truly be fed on a budget of $100 a week. What about a family of four that keeps kosher? I for one am ready for the challenge. Since a budget for a family of four is $100 I think for my modest family of two it should be $50 a week. My experiment would be a little more lax then the one in the article, just because if there is a supper sale I will stock up, but I will make room for that in my $50 a week budget! Starting on Monday July 28th going to Sunday August 3rd I will try not to spend more than $50 for our dining needs and I will report back to you all on Monday August 4th how that worked.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


After reading this particular article, I was grinding at the thought that this is called ‘journalism’. Then I realized and promptly cringed that in a news article there are quotes from terrorist, who are playing the bullied child running to the parent to be a tattle tale.


Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat accused Israel of undermining US-backed peace talks.

"This is destroying the process of a two-state solution," Erekat said. "I hope the Americans will make the Israelis revoke the decision. I think they can make the Israelis do this."

I think they can make the Israelis do this

Does this sound like PEACE TALKS TO ANYONE? This is one little boy, fighting to get another little boys toy.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Being eaten out of house and home.

Money saving? What saving!? How can you possibly save money when prices for produce are at all time high? Food in the United States of America historically was not a big ticket item. If you were to go to the store and buy absolutely everything you wanted, it was still pretty impossible to spend your entire wage on feeding your family. In other parts of the world it is not so. For instance in the former Soviet Union it was very possible to spend your entire weekly salary on feeding your family.

I do understand that in America prices are sill lower than the rest of the world. Yet, when people are used to a certain price for a certain food it is still a bit of a shock when that price doubles in what seems like over night.

I think I bring this up only because yesterday I did some grocery shopping, still pretty fresh with the frustration of stopping by a large kosher supper market and seeing all the inflated prices. Now I understand that people are going to start defending the kosher store that it is much smaller than the chain stores, the prices for them in bulk are larger and all the other fantastic explanations, and here is the kicker….I AGREE! I understand that the local kosher market cannot compete with Target when selling milhik whip cream at the price target has them beat by at least 30%. I understand that instant coffee costs more than it does in Costco and the same goes for Mayonnaise. BUT, why does Fake crab cost $7.59 for kosher and $2.99 for non Kosher….its the same fish! FISH!!!! Not meat, no shochet required!

I would love to know what the profit margin on food is in a chain store compared to a local supper market, compared to a kosher market. I would love to know why it is that cookies, chocolates, and other various kinds of unhealthy food can be sold for the same price as a large chain store but essentials like bread, eggs, milk are sold at such an upgrade!
I think in today’s market economy it is extremely prudent to be an educated consumer. Of course it would be in effective to drive around for the best deals thereby wasting both time and gas and car. Yet, most Americans have to drive to work…there are stores around your work place hitting them after work for a better price than the local rip off is becoming more and more essential. Buying less food, throwing out less food is always a topic but now its crucial. Most of all, I’d like you all to check out this site. Orthonomics has awesome ideas for how to save money wisely…I agree with her. Check it out, maybe you will too.

Hat tip to Orthonomics!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Views

I’m sorry for being MIA for such a long time but it has been busy here in the concerned Jew Girl world.

After speaking to a good friend I realized that there needs to be more written on the positives of religion rather than the negatives. I find that it is much easier to focus on the negative side of anything, religion the most obvious for most.

Being associated to any club, any sport or any type of forum with people in it there will be mixed views and a general club consensus. So, why is it that we feel we are better than that. The overall negative vibe coming from the blogosphere comes from fellow religious Jews, so I have one question for these people: “Why are you frum?” Nobody is pulling you into this. Nobody is threatening you if you leave, so then why do you CHOOSE to stay frum? There are of course many positives that keep us all enticed.

Sure you might not agree on the politics. Yet, when you think about it do you agree with the politics of your gym? Or, how about your children’s school, do you agree with the politics there? Or, how about your work, there are politics there, do you agree with them? Sometimes there are just many differing opinions and yours is just one of them.

Many people choose to make religion the central part of their lives. Others like to be a little bit involved but not too much. Others still are very far away from it but are still involved. Even within these examples there are many grey areas some a little more some a little less.

With all of these grey areas and so many stages of involvement it would be incredibly naïve to think that everyone would or should coexist in peace with no differing opinions. It would be silly to think that everyone would do everything in the same way shape and form. It would be ignorant to think that there were no problems with the system.

Yet, we still chose to remain a part of this group. We chose to call ourselves by certain names and associate ourselves with certain connotations that come with each group. The feeling of belonging is only one possible reason we choose to remain in a group. There are of course many others.

In my humble opinion, I am a part of a certain group because that is where I feel I belong the best. I feel that in that group my views, opinions and overall world views are expressed the best and that is why I choose to stay. Not because it’s a great fashion statement, and everyone else is doing it.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

By Orthonomics...AWESOME!!

This is so good that instead of giving you the link I will paste it, and provide the link!

Bill of Rights for ChildrenHat Tip: A commentor on Rabbi Horowitz's site posted something called the John Rosemond's Bill of Rights for children. It rings true to me and really hits home, especially in light of my last batch of posts. Read on and leave your own comments. I love this. Perhaps I will post it up on our refrigerator!

Because it is the most character-building, two-letter word in the English language, children have the right to hear their parents say "NO" at least three times a day. Children have the right to find out early in their lives that their parents don't exist to make them happy, but to offer them the opportunity to learn the skills they - children - will need to eventually make themselves happy. Children have a right to scream all they want over the decisions their parents make, albeit their parents have the right to confine said screaming to certain areas of their homes. Children have the right to find out early that their parents care deeply for them, but don't give a hoot what their children think about them at any given moment in time. Because it is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, children have the right to hear their parents say "Because I said so" on a regular and frequent basis. Because it is the most character-building activity a child can engage in, children have the right to share significantly in the doing of household chores. Every child has the right to discover early in life that he isn't the center of the universe (or his family or his parents' lives), that he isn't a big fish in a small pond, that he isn't the Second Coming, and that he's not ever - in the total scheme of things - very important at all, no one is, so as to prevent him from becoming an insufferable brat. Children have the right to learn to be grateful for what they receive; therefore, they have the right to receive all of what they truly need and very little of what they simply want. Children have the right to learn early in their lives that obedience to legitimate authority is not optional, that there are consequences for disobedience, and that said consequences are memorable and, therefore, persuasive. Every child has the right to parents who love him/her enough to make sure he/she enjoys all of the above rights.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Side note:
As part of my initiative to change our lives for the better, during lunch I walked to the forest preserve and back. I believe I’ll be doing that more often, possibly with music so its not as bad of a walk. I guess being healthy starts one day at a time J

8 weeks = 15 pounds lost.


Industry insider.

You do not need to be an industry insider to realize that gas prices are increasing and will not let up. The price of regular unleaded gasoline will get to $7, that is a fact, no use denying it. Americans in General (not the one person that you know that lives in a hut in Arkansas and eats only from their garden) in general, Americans live large, big cars, big houses, big meal portions. Everyone knows that the way the economy is going it is a great time to work hard, save, and downsize. Yet, what if the first two components are realistic but the third is not. There seems to be a trend going around of people with great intentions giving the worst possible advice! If you drive a van and you have three children, two in car seats, if someone recommends you get a Toyota prius that is a hybrid tell them where to go and explain to them in detail on how to get there. YES, America has to start downsizing. Yes, America has to start making changes; NO America does not have to get stupid! Obviously we live in a country where people are used to working and living in two separate areas. I would recommend for someone to find a job closer to home, commute by train, bus, bike. That would be a good recommendation, again if at all feasible. I would tell people to stop buying out the junk food isle at the grocery store and concentrate on making themselves and their families healthier by eating fruits and vegetables and not sweets, and greasy food. Again, it does not cost cheaper to eat healthier, but it will save you money in the long run, via staying healthier longer, and not spending extra money on extras like Oreo’s. I would say if there is any other mode of transportation to and from errands, work or fun that could be used, explore those methods. CARPOOL. Be neighborly if you are going to the grocery store and you live close to people, go together. These are just some Ideas of how not to rack up $70 gas bills.
As for people and their terrific advice of sell your van, buy a little car. To them I say “mind your business, and downsize your expenses the way you see fit, because I’ll downsize mine the way I see fit”.
THE PRICE OF GASOLINE WILL NOT DECREASE. The price of gasoline will only increase. The price of everything else will be directly affected and all goods and services will increase in price. There is no use in crying about it, or kvetching about it. Suck it up and start changing your life. Every other nation in the world has been paying high gas prices for years. America too will make it when prices will equal of those in Europe.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Moms Eat Junk Food, Kids Get Fat!

Moms Eat Junk Food, Kids Get Fat
Study Shows Rats Fed Junk Food During Pregnancy Have Obesity-Prone Offspring

Finally there is evidence, what you do before a child is born is just as important as what you do after they are born.
Here is a pleasant read that will put everyone on a nice slimming diet of no junk food…at least while pregnant.

Enjoy the read!