Monday, May 11, 2009

Taboun Grill 2....How I love thee

Today was an awesome lunch!

Pulled in to Taboun grill 2 at 12:30pm, walked in to a friendly smiley waitress ready to seat me. I asked to order take out it was not a problem. By the time I was done paying my shwarma in a pita with everything in it was ready for me to eat.

Some people may be skeptical..."yes it was fast, but was it good?"
The answer is...YES IT WAS!!!
It was fresh, delicious and professionally done. The pita stayed intact till the very last bite. There was nothing falling out anywhere and everything spread evenly and thoroughly and of course the Shwarma itself was very very tasty.

All in all, it was a great lunch! No wonder why the place was busy!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Why technologists are awesome!

Well its been about a month in the new job. Yay. I guess they'll keep me for a little while longer. Because this company is wicked cool we have a lot of technologists. They do the dirty work for you. I like that. Well, there are a few chemicals that I work with that are a weee bit dangerous to the healthy of women at certain points in their life. So, I let my technologist know that there has been some research done and this is what it found, he listened to all of the information. Then I gave him my formulations and he basically told me to get lost for about 30 minutes. I told him where I was going and when he was done with it all...he came and found me and let me know it was safe to come back. Anytime he works with the stuff he litter ally kicks me out of the lab. AWESOME!
One day last week I decided I needed to do some testing on my own. This guy (awesome) not only gives me the third degree but totally runs me off and tells me he'll take care of it. He is awesome and so concerned...truly touching.
Did I mention that my technologist is Palestinian decent? Oh yah, He is.
And Yeah, he knows I'm Jewish and that I keep kosher.
So, I suppose this goes to show if the person is good they will be good no matter what.
And yeah, this good~!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why I love Hasidim

We decided right before Pesach to upgrade our vacuum cleaner. The one we had was just not doing the job. Yet, the old vacuum was not that bad. So we wanted to donate it. Finally after a few weeks of waiting the local jewish charity decided to come and pick it up (after we called them to remind them that we still have it). The man they sent to pick it up is a Hossid. AWESOME. He was friendly, polite, full of conversation and appreciative.
After a brief introduction of his name and what his role is in the organization he was polite and asked how I was doing? How was my night going? Mind you its Thursday night I'm a wreck trying to get ready for Shabbat.
I thought he was caring and a good person. I thought that he embodied Hasdisim. And that is why I love true Hossids! Not the ones that pretend to be holy while being rude and obnoxious.