Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good Managers

What in my personal opinion makes it or breaks it for an employee of a company, the manager.

At my previous place of employment I had very interesting managers. Smart, extremely insecure. They had been in the industry for years. Yet, anything that was new that came in was perceived as competition. They were so afraid of their own shadows that they were extremely lousy managers. For a company that boasted innovation there was nothing new on the market the 2 years that I was in that role. That's 2 years of what are now thought of as useless time wasting projects. That were never needed in the first place. BAD MANAGEMENT.

Enter new place of employment. For many of you that do know me personally, I found a job....wooohooo. Thank g-d!!!
I have worked here a whole week and 11/2 days. This company in comparison to the last is much much smaller and yet runs like a well greased robot. It is incredible. This company boasts innovation as well. Last year they came out with so many new products that when it came time to evaluation and review (keep in mind it is a down market) EVERYONE got a bonus!
But, again it goes back to management. My manager is very trusting. He give you a project. You update him. You mess up, he gets involved. You need guidance, ask, if you don't ask it's assumed that everything is going smooth. I love it! Nobody is telling you how to think, what to think...its like...they actually think that you can/are capable of doing the job that you were hired for!

Another huge difference is when you have a great HR department. Old company laid off the department and had all of two people running around like chickens with their heads cut off. New company has an HR army. Awesome!!! My computer was set up the day that I started, same with phone line, safety training and all the other 'necessities' for when you start a new job!

Now, I just have to stop trying to fall asleep and read my assignments :-)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I know I'm a little behind on my updates!
Listen, I'm sick, I'm cleaning for Pesach and I'm just not feeling the blog thing anymore :-(
Maybe once I g-d willing have a job and lots of time to update then it'll be fun again, for now...once in a while updates it is :-)

Our Purim was a blast. With most of the preparations done months in advance we didn't feel the meshloach manot money crunch. Mostly because I had some good ideas from last year. Granted this year's meshloach manot didn't exactly look like the ones I wanted, but they were pretty close.

It was supposed to be movie themed...I think it was pretty close!
We were supposed to go as movie stars. Due to our headaches at the costume store we went as...well you decide:
We had loads of fun and that is what counts!

Happy Pesach cleaning everyone :-)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Purim!


Pictures and more will be up later this week. For now, HAPPY PURIM!!! WOOOHOOO