Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Goals befor Pesach

My goals for the Fridge and pantry for before Pesach!
Yes I know its weird but I have goals for my inanimate objects! I have made a goal for myself for the fridge to keep it clean and the food fresh. Now, my goal is to of course keep that up but to also not have to keep anything in the fridge for over pesach. Meaning, all contents will be consumed or disposed off! I am tired of carting back and forth in between fridges where there are other non pesachdic items. I'm tired of putting stuff into bags and bringing it to my in-laws for storage and then bringing it back...totally not necessary! So, this year to continue in the spirit of not complicating our lives...we will consume what we have, and either pitch or dedicate one small shelf for non pesachdic items!
The same can be said for the pantry. Of course we don't cart it around to my in laws like we do with perishable items to use their basement fridge. But it takes up way to much space that is needed for Pesach storage! Also, even thought the expiration date isn't for a few years, it does not mean that you have to keep it around that long! So, as of JANUARY 1st we are no longer buying things for the pantry unless they are for immediate use. We will be working on 'clearing' the space the old fashioned way...eating our way through it :-)
Now, I don't want people to get the wrong idea. I am totally for storage and for being prepared and for a pantry it is awesome to have one. However, when things stand around for tooo long, and when things get lost because of an over abundance then there is real issues.
So what I'm telling you all is...


Bottled water

I found this on a fellow bloggers post.

This show and tell picture shows pretty accurately why bottled water is the biggest hoax in America and so many people fall for it.


HAT TIP: serandez

Monday, December 7, 2009


No good deed goes unpunished.

This is ALWAYS true!

Enjoy your day everyone.

People and Hate

There will always be people in this world that do not like you.
There could be many reasons for this dislike, and there could be none at all. You could be friends with everyone you know...and yet there will be people that dislike you. Its just a part of life, you cannot please everyone all the time.

Just saying.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crack of Dawn

You know there is something to be said for being the very first one at work. Yes, 5am never looked so quite. There is also something to be said for the fact that by 6am I have been up for 3 hours and have been more productive in those three hours than most people in their entire day. And, with all that said, I'm sooooo tired.

Have a good day everyone.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Higher Food Standards

Its been a while...

I now have time to think about all the things I did while I was on maternity leave. Although short in time, it was long in hours.
One of the greatest things that maternity leave did for me was the abundant amount of time I had to watch t.v as I was nursing. Trying to still learn something for the first little bit I watched all the movies we had in our house...some three or four times. How else are you going to keep awake at UN-godly hours of the day and night? Then at the advice of my dear hubby who was being supportive during the whole process I turned to HULU.com the coolest website! You can watch any show as many episodes as they have!!! Some had a few, others had whole seasons! Well I got really into a show called "Kitchen Nightmares" its with Chef Gordon Ramsey. He goes from restaurant to restaurant trying to help them out. He tastes the food then shows whats going on in the kitchen and advices the owners as to what to do, how to run their business what to clean, etc.

I can now appreciate food at a higher level. Honestly!

I grew up a Russian Jew. Meaning=we LOVE FOOD! Everything we do is with food. We are happy with food, we are sad with food, we are mad with food, etc.
I am also by nature (or my mom's side of the family gene pool) am not picky about food. I will eat almost anything and like it. I really do mean anything from expensive restaurant Steak to cheap fast food (in my previous life I loved McDonald's!). Yet, now I have a higher standard for food quality! I still love hot dogs, but its a matter of how long they have been around and when the expiration date is! I no longer look at food loving and think that one day we will eat it! NO, we won't!!! If its in the fridge longer than three, okay four days...its garbage. I now have higher standards of what goes into the freezer...because lets face it ladies and gentlemen if you put Challah in the freezer and you take it out a week or more later it will taste like its been frozen. Instead of saving time shopping for fresh food, I save time and money in not having old food and too much food in the fridge and freezer. Yes, I know its easier to make something for the whole week, but how much harder is it to cook twice in the week then it is to cook once and throw food out? Yes I must admit it takes more time to think of a menu and think of what we would like to eat and what is on sale for the week but in the end the reward is fresh good food that will be eaten in three or four days tops!
I can now see the shelves of my fridge because its not overwhelmed with mounds of food that will eventually get tossed out because too much was made and then not eaten in time. Or we got sick of eating it so we left it and I made even more food, and then that goes in the fridge and of course doesn't all get eaten.
So, my solution (at least for now) is to plan in advance, shop once a week for fresh fruits and vegetables and once a week for poultry and eat what we buy...or toss it out. Since I can't stand to throw food out, we eat what we buy!

Oh, and did I mention that cuts down on going out for food. Yes, because you think to yourself..."if I go out then the food that is already made and waiting to be eaten in the fridge will be thrown out". Also, after watching Kitchen nightmares and the standards of kitchen cleanliness that most restaurants seem to have...I DON'T WANT TO GO OUT! I have higher standards for picking my nose then most restaurants have for their kitchens!

My conclusion: yes it takes longer to be organized and on top of your kitchen, but its very worth it in the long run. Like everything else, once you get used to it and in the swing of things, it will take much shorter time.

Its a total coincidence that I was thinking of this post at 4am and when I was reading blogs I found that ProfK had posted the coolest food link for her viewers! I've attached the link and I highly recommend it!


Hat tip to ProfK THANK YOU!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Take off your shoes please!

This is not the post that I've been meaning to write.
But I'm 15 months pregnant and I'll do what I want to!!!

So, THIS is why I INSIST that people take off their outside shoes in my home!

I am not crazy, I just like being clean and HEALTHY!

So, everyone...
Please take off your SHOES in my HOUSE!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I knew it!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A good read!

An interesting article in regards to breastfeeding and it being linked to cutting the risk of breast cancer. I suggest to read it...its a quick read.

Did you want to know the 4-healthy habits that cut disease risk? Well here they are. None of them are earth shattering...we all know it...just a matter of following the professionals advice.

Well this one is a good one as well!!! Pessimism being linked to heart disease. Basically...if you a pessimist you've got more chances of your heart not liking that. Another quick read that is enlightening.

Friday, August 7, 2009


I really thought that Israel was overpopulated with doctors.
In fact some doctors from the U.S.A were being told not to make Aliya for fear of not finding a parnassah...how can this be true?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Clutter=no room=dirt=WHY?

So I'm on a cleaning spree...sort of.
I'm always liking things clean...especially my house. Recently we are needing to make some more room for the new addition to our family that will g-d willing come at the end of August. With this making room, comes the realization that even though you de-clutter constantly and your house doesn't look messy or out of order...really it still is! Closets are awesome...but dangerous. There can be many things that go in the closet and then NEVER come out again.


Donating to a good cause feels so good!
Selling things online, or in a used book store (just an example) also feels so good...and it creates space! Something that is more useful then a book that you haven't opened in 5 years and probably will never open again!

There are just somethings that are hard to part with because of all the memories...but really...the memory is not in the item...its in your head...or picture...you can always take a picture and keep it forever...and have a clutter free home :-)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Please take my boob, please!

This was the final nail on the head.

Usually in America there is a law under the FMLA that a woman can take up to 3 months off for maternity leave. Under this law you have to work in a company larger than 50 people for this to apply to you. You also have to have worked in the company for a year before this law applies to you. If either one of the conditions is not met...then you are what is know as...out of luck.
I had a fantastic HR person (clueless) who said I was eligible ...even though I'm with the company for 4 months. Well, because I like for all the i's to be dotted and t's to be crossed I called to confirm. NOPE I am NOT eligible.
BUT...I work for a fantastic company that even though I have not been here for a full year they are being so kind as to let me stay home for 8 weeks (yup two months).

So America...

While I go to work...I'll leave my boob's at home so MY KID CAN EAT!

And for the men and women that decided on these fantastic laws...well I've got a special place for you to go and I've got directions on how you can get there!

Friday, June 5, 2009

How sad that this made NEWS!

I know I haven't posted in a while...but here is something that I found interesting.
Out of all the possible news worthy items in the world today, this article made it into the NEWS section.

How sad :-(

Monday, May 11, 2009

Taboun Grill 2....How I love thee

Today was an awesome lunch!

Pulled in to Taboun grill 2 at 12:30pm, walked in to a friendly smiley waitress ready to seat me. I asked to order take out it was not a problem. By the time I was done paying my shwarma in a pita with everything in it was ready for me to eat.

Some people may be skeptical..."yes it was fast, but was it good?"
The answer is...YES IT WAS!!!
It was fresh, delicious and professionally done. The pita stayed intact till the very last bite. There was nothing falling out anywhere and everything spread evenly and thoroughly and of course the Shwarma itself was very very tasty.

All in all, it was a great lunch! No wonder why the place was busy!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Why technologists are awesome!

Well its been about a month in the new job. Yay. I guess they'll keep me for a little while longer. Because this company is wicked cool we have a lot of technologists. They do the dirty work for you. I like that. Well, there are a few chemicals that I work with that are a weee bit dangerous to the healthy of women at certain points in their life. So, I let my technologist know that there has been some research done and this is what it found, he listened to all of the information. Then I gave him my formulations and he basically told me to get lost for about 30 minutes. I told him where I was going and when he was done with it all...he came and found me and let me know it was safe to come back. Anytime he works with the stuff he litter ally kicks me out of the lab. AWESOME!
One day last week I decided I needed to do some testing on my own. This guy (awesome) not only gives me the third degree but totally runs me off and tells me he'll take care of it. He is awesome and so concerned...truly touching.
Did I mention that my technologist is Palestinian decent? Oh yah, He is.
And Yeah, he knows I'm Jewish and that I keep kosher.
So, I suppose this goes to show if the person is good they will be good no matter what.
And yeah, this person...is good~!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why I love Hasidim

We decided right before Pesach to upgrade our vacuum cleaner. The one we had was just not doing the job. Yet, the old vacuum was not that bad. So we wanted to donate it. Finally after a few weeks of waiting the local jewish charity decided to come and pick it up (after we called them to remind them that we still have it). The man they sent to pick it up is a Hossid. AWESOME. He was friendly, polite, full of conversation and appreciative.
After a brief introduction of his name and what his role is in the organization he was polite and asked how I was doing? How was my night going? Mind you its Thursday night I'm a wreck trying to get ready for Shabbat.
I thought he was caring and a good person. I thought that he embodied Hasdisim. And that is why I love true Hossids! Not the ones that pretend to be holy while being rude and obnoxious.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Bloody Cold!

Sitting in my winter coat, in fact my ski jacket in the lab where the temperature outside is greater than the temperature inside I think: " I'd rather be sitting here fully dressed and working here, then in my previous job where I had my own office, my own fridge in my own office, and a nice temperature controlled environment". Then I think...yup, yup I would. I'd rather sit here and work my butt off then work 35 miles away under management that can't manage, can't create, and most definitely not motivate! So, yes, I'd rather be freezing with a space heater, but have creative projects and actually be doing R&D...crazy eh?
On a lighter note, Pesach was fantastic. More on Pasach and associated expenses later.

Shabbat Shalom

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good Managers

What in my personal opinion makes it or breaks it for an employee of a company, the manager.

At my previous place of employment I had very interesting managers. Smart, extremely insecure. They had been in the industry for years. Yet, anything that was new that came in was perceived as competition. They were so afraid of their own shadows that they were extremely lousy managers. For a company that boasted innovation there was nothing new on the market the 2 years that I was in that role. That's 2 years of what are now thought of as useless time wasting projects. That were never needed in the first place. BAD MANAGEMENT.

Enter new place of employment. For many of you that do know me personally, I found a job....wooohooo. Thank g-d!!!
I have worked here a whole week and 11/2 days. This company in comparison to the last is much much smaller and yet runs like a well greased robot. It is incredible. This company boasts innovation as well. Last year they came out with so many new products that when it came time to evaluation and review (keep in mind it is a down market) EVERYONE got a bonus!
But, again it goes back to management. My manager is very trusting. He give you a project. You update him. You mess up, he gets involved. You need guidance, ask, if you don't ask it's assumed that everything is going smooth. I love it! Nobody is telling you how to think, what to think...its like...they actually think that you can/are capable of doing the job that you were hired for!

Another huge difference is when you have a great HR department. Old company laid off the department and had all of two people running around like chickens with their heads cut off. New company has an HR army. Awesome!!! My computer was set up the day that I started, same with phone line, safety training and all the other 'necessities' for when you start a new job!

Now, I just have to stop trying to fall asleep and read my assignments :-)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I know I'm a little behind on my updates!
Listen, I'm sick, I'm cleaning for Pesach and I'm just not feeling the blog thing anymore :-(
Maybe once I g-d willing have a job and lots of time to update then it'll be fun again, for now...once in a while updates it is :-)

Our Purim was a blast. With most of the preparations done months in advance we didn't feel the meshloach manot money crunch. Mostly because I had some good ideas from last year. Granted this year's meshloach manot didn't exactly look like the ones I wanted, but they were pretty close.

It was supposed to be movie themed...I think it was pretty close!
We were supposed to go as movie stars. Due to our headaches at the costume store we went as...well you decide:
We had loads of fun and that is what counts!

Happy Pesach cleaning everyone :-)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Purim!


Pictures and more will be up later this week. For now, HAPPY PURIM!!! WOOOHOOO

Monday, February 23, 2009

Picking up the tab!

The topic of Octo Mom has been hot on the news, so I thought I'll chime in too.

I'm not sure if I'm upset or just bothered by all of the ridiculous attention that this woman is getting. It seems that America needs and wants something to get mad about. This woman happens to be the one that fits both these bills at the moment.

I suppose she would bother me a lot less if she would just disappear from the spotlight. The problem is that she won't be able to do that for a while. One of the reasons is that she claimed to not want any publicity. She also claimed that she didn't want any help from anyone and she didn't need t.v show's or endorsements and she just did it because she loves children!

Now that we know all of that was a big fat lie...everyone can apologize to me for calling me critical. I said as soon as the news broke that the only way this woman expects to pay her bills is by hoping and praying for a t.v show or some kind of endorsement's like from pampers!

Unfortunately she got something that she didn't bank on...severe backlash from tax payers!
Why was the backlash so severe, well it appears that the average Joe in America is sick and tired of being taken advantage of. It seems that this economy has not only had an impact on jobs and people's stress but also on people's ability to be sympathetic.

Does this effect me somehow? To be completely honest with you, not really. I pay my taxes, I will continue to be a law abiding citizen and pay my taxes. Do I agree with crazy people having children? NO...but is it because I'm a tax payer or is it because I'm concerned for the well being of children in the hands of crazy people? I think its the latter.

So, now that we agree that Octo Mom as she has been nick named by the 'media' is an attention seeking loony lets move on to the rest of the Octo Mom's family, her mother and father. Her father has gone on Operah to plead the case of Octo mom. Even though at the beginning you feel bad for him, he's been put out by his own daughter in the end you get the idea that maybe he's in on it as well. He pleads that the American public not punish the children, and for endorsements to please roll in so that they can help pay the bills.


So, next time someone feels like they need a movie contract they will go and have nine kids and then the American public will feel sorry for them, they will get a movie contract or some kind of a show and all the bills will be paid and the cycle continues!

Then again if you think about it...it makes perfect sense. Since Wall street decided to plunge they got a bail out (or are in the process of getting a bail out), the banking system and countless others get bailed out when they get themselves in trouble. So, why can't this mother of 14.
If you think about this case in terms of government and helping out, it makes complete sense that this crazy person feels that she is entitled to be bailed out by the American public. Heck, everyone else is doing it.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Ignorance of People!

I am so frustrated with inconsiderate ignorant people!

My husband and I went to a great program this past motzei Shabbat. The rabbi was inspiring and right on the money. His wife the rebbetzin was funny, charming and really fun to listen to! If it just wasn't for the BEEP's that can't figure out how to put their phones on silent and or vibrate!

Cell phones have been in wide usage for at leas the last 10 years. By wide usage I mean that I have had a cell phone for at least the last 10 years so have most people in North America. There should be no surprises of how to put your phone from one mode into another.

It does however surprise everyone in the room, even after the announcement of "Please put your phones, pagers, beepers into vibrate or silent mode". Everyone looks around and get's really annoyed and yet...these people just don't get it. Not only did one particular lady didn't get it...she didn't get it twice!

TWICE in one speech that was less than one hour!

Here's a thought: if you are waiting for a phone call, put the phone on vibrate and keep it in your hands and stand by the back door! Don't sit close to the back door but not really and keep the phone in your purse...just so that you have to dig for it while the lecturere pretends to ignore you all the while you cut into their speech for a few seconds...HOW RUDE!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Are you a team player?

Here is the problem ladies and gentlemen...

Why do people ask this question on interviews?
Here is a typical interview conversation:

HR: "Would you characterize yourself as a team player"?
ConcernedJewGirl: "Of course, I love people"
HR: "Really? How so"?
ConcernedJewGirl: "I get along with all sorts of people. I enjoy all sorts of people and usually get along with my co-workers"
HR: "Interesting"

So, here is my question: Do people actually go on interviews and when they are asked if they are team players they say...NO? Is that not like saying: thank you for bringing me out to interview but I don't really want this job!!!

I guess if I were asking questions I wouldn't ask ones where the answers are so predictable. I would ask questions like:
a. If the fire alarm rang, and the fire man came to your floor and said:"we are evacuating other floors first, we will come and get you when we are ready to evacuate your floor...sit tight", what would you do?
b. If you rise in your position and become manager over your previous job, how would you guide the people underneath you to be successful?
c. Do you like working with people who are really quiet and do not share any of their work, thoughts or opinions with you?
d. If you could set up your own laboratory from scratch, who would be the first people you would hire?

Just some thoughts from the unemployment line :-)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I once had a car that could!

I once had a car that would start on demand. The key would go into the ignition a slight turn and BOOM we had a working car.

The last month, not so much.

I went for a walk this afternoon. Of course by the time I left the house it was already windy and the temperature had dropped. Nevertheless my walk proved to be good for coming up with a blog topic :-). One thing that walking provides that driving doesn't is the total view of other cars without your attention wavering. A lot of the cars that I saw were new. Yet, I did see a good amount of cars that looked older than mine. I'm talking about Toyota Corolla's from the mid to late 80's. Same thing with the Honda Civic saw a few of those that were at least from the early 90's. So all of these cars got me thinking...

We currently have no car payments. Our cars are owned outright. We like it like that.

So, do we get a new car? Do we go into having monthly payments? Do we go into "good" debt?
Do we buy a good used car? Do we buy it outright or do we go into a huge interest rate on used cars...something like14%???

This is something that is not exactly news to us. We knew that eventually we would need to replace one...or maybe even both of our cars. I drive a 12 year old car, my husbands car16 years old. Let's just say we knew they wouldn't live for ever.

Then there is always the option of fixing my car...or at least finding out what exactly is wrong with it.

So, do we fix something that's old and is bound to have something else break eventually? Or...any of the other above mentioned options.

Ah...the joys of unemployment...so much time to think of all the good things!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Already Made Kosher Food

*Note, I'm not talking about restaurants*

As most of you know I'm not one for buying already made food. Though from time to time I do enjoy some already made deep fried chicken and fries. Today was one of those days where I felt like after a pretty intense and stressful week I would like to spoil myself, and my husband for bearing with it all. So, off I went to get really not so healthy, but yummy food for shabbat! Now, I know that a lot of people are thinking: "are you kidding me, this is what she calls a treat. Its the most basic food and I wouldn't even call it Shabbat food!"

It is true that this food is not fancy but for people that don't buy already made food often, trust me its a treat!

So, once I purchased the said treat I went around to buy the rest of what we needed for Shabbat. I haven't bought challah in a while, but 6 rolls for $4.39....OUCH, but yet again its been one heck of a week its Friday and I'm writing this post and doing laundry and thinking of how much cleaning I'll need to be doing....so in went the challah rolls. At the end of the experience I spent the same amount of money on food for two possibly three days as I usually would for a week and half if I would have made everything myself.

I'm not arguing that from time to time eating out/or already made food that you just have to re-heat is something that is needed, both for emotional reasons of destressing and wanting to enjoy a little piece of going out life. Yet, this in my opinion should be treated like a treat. Unless of course you have the financial means to treat it as part of your daily life, then gasuntaheit!

My point: If I did this every week my food budged would be double and so would both my husband and my weight.

The outing to the Aquarium

I live in a most wonderful city!

If you live in the metropolitan of the city and you have a library card (which is free, of course) you can sign out passes to any museum in and around the city. This pass is also good for the zoo as well!!! By pass I mean that you can go into the museum free of charge. This is an incredible opportunity to do things around the city and not spend a dime on it. I should also mention here that the pass is for the general admittance, anything extra is not covered. Which usually means IMAX movies or something of that nature.

I happen to really love the Aquarium. So last week I went to the library and was lucky enough that the pass (only one pass per library per museum) was still there! Naturally I jumped at the opportunity to see my favorite exhibit, the salt water tanks and of course NEMO and DORY! I know I sound like I'm 3 but its true I really love the salt water life, its just vibrant and full of color!

To my dismay and pure horror there is ongoing construction at the aquarium and as a pure money making tool they took away this exhibit and put it in an area that costs extra to get into.
I know, some people maybe thinking: "common you paid nothing to get it, you can spend a little and see the fish that you like". Although that is partially true and I did think about it, and my husband even approved of the extra $15+tax for both of us to do so, I still felt ripped off!

They have an entire section which cost $7.50 extra with salt water life, but they had a small (Very small a couple tanks really) on the general admittance area where you can feel like you are a part of the salt water life but not needing to pay extra!

I know this is a gripe but I really feel if you take an entire section and completely remove it and force people to pay extra to see it its just UN-AMERICAN!!!

Leave NEMO alone!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Exxon Mobil posts record $45.2 billion profit

Why, oh why did I not work for this Company?

Here is what I'm thinking:

NOPE, Neither do I ;-)

Have a great weekend!

Monday, January 19, 2009

New Year's Day

After our very exciting, fun filled fire works watching night we went skiing! Wooohooo

A bit of background information about skiing. My hubby grew up pretty much on ski's. I on the other hand grew up in the pool. No skiing unless it was cross country.

So last year during the winter time I decided I would like to learn how to downhill. The good news is that I am still excited about it. As for last year, we went twice and I was on the bunny hill.

This year started out right. We went to visit my parents and we went skiing with them for the second year in a row...I think it might become tradition. Then we went again a week later for New Year's day. What a great decision that was. It turned out to be a beautiful day and we/I got a lot of skiing in and working on my skills. I'm happy to report I am now on the green/blue hill and will be practicing my skills on these until I'm brave enough for the BLACK hill....ahhhhh.
Even though my husband would love to go to Utah for a few days and ski I have convinced him that I'm not quite at that level.

I still like it and would love to get really good, or at least somewhat good.

Here's a picture of us waiting for the lift to take us down the blue/green hill.
Yes, I know my hubby suffered with me a little bit by doing the easy hill, but I still think we had fun over all!

P.S: Check out my cool ski's....they are yellow underneath so they glow on the snow when I ski!
My hubby spares no expense when it comes to equipment! :-)

New Year's

Some of you have been waiting very patiently for what we were up to for the New Calendar Year eve. I'm sorry that it's taken so long but here it is:

We went downtown to watch the fireworks!

It was quite exciting mostly because of all the other people that were so excited. Everyone was dressed to the nines. People were laughing and telling jokes and in an all around good mood.

The trip there was fun in watching what goes on around us. Once we got to the center we walked all the way through to where the fire works will be. On the way there we saw people (half naked, not joking) dancing and trying to warm up without going inside. There was plenty of music and drinking and all around festive mood. It was also packed with people...and yet we were the only visible (frum) Jews....I wonder why? :-)

Anyhow, we went inside for a bit to warm up, even though we were dressed warmly our faces and fingers got really cold :-(.

On the inside there was a huge gala event. Tickets were rumored to start at $250/person. We just stood in the doorway and watched the parade of people dressed as though they were going to the Oscars go by us. Interesting.

Then I got tired of just judging these people and made us go back outside to get good standing location for fireworks. It was a good idea, because we were right in the front!

I know fireworks and camera doesn't really work but here are some pictures, enjoy :-)

Here is just of one of us before it got swamped, its like the calm before the storm:

Friday, January 16, 2009

Its my Half Birthday, Yay

I'm sorry for the lack of blogging.

It has been quite exciting here...with monitoring daily events in Israel and trying to look for a job it has been quite busy.

Today January 16 is my half birthday...so Yay, Happy half birthday to me! Also, on the same note, I still have one birthday balloon remaining from my real birthday 6 months ago....so yay for singing big floating balloons!

I started spreading my half birthday cheer a few years ago just because I thought it was funny...why I'm continuing I'm not sure.

As promised I will update on what we did over the winter holidays I know its about two weeks late but I'm really looking for a job here...that takes time.

Monday, January 5, 2009


It is so very ironic that even when the president of the United States of America comes out in support of Israel, the rest of the article is in support of Hamas and Gaza.

I read the following article on the msn.com site. What enraged me was the blatant single sided reporting of the article. Truly with the beginning of the article starting out:

"President George W. Bush said Monday he understands "Israel's desire to protect itself," offering his first public comments about the U.S. Ally's massive ground invasion into Gaza."

You would think the rest of the article was to support the fact that Israel has the right and desire to protect her self.

Yet, the rest of the article was about how Gaza is the underdog, how many casualties there have been in Gaza, etc.

Where is the report on the casualties in Israel? Where is the report that bombs are dropping on day care centers, schools and homes of civilians? Where are those reports?

Just another proof that it doesn't matter what we as Jews do. It does not matter that Israel is protecting her self. It does not matter that they are slinging bombs at us. It does not matter how many of our people die. What matters, is being politically correct, and kissing the rear ends of politicians and known Terrorists, known as Hamas.

United States was invaded on September 11 2001. The country went to war with Iraq, killed leaders of the rebellion and brought down Saddam Husein. Currently the United States of America is still in Iraq, and Afghanistan, with no clear idea of when they will leave.

Israel is attacked on a daily basis for the last 8 years.

Think about that.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Calendar year

As we usher in the new year, I would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. May this year see the coming of mashiach and the end to all arab created wars without a victory. May this year be victorious, fruitful and filled with peace.

For everyone out there who does not celebrate this pagan holiday but does however celebrate the onset of a new calendar year I will be posting what we did 12.31.08 shortly. For everyone else, I'll be posting what we did on 01.01.09

Take care of yourselves, and each other.
Happy New Year